In his opinion, Lu Jing has prestige and ability, but he has no ambition of "unifying the rivers and "The troops you sent to destroy the Legion of the phantom are destroyed." Ye Jingyu responds with a clever voice and looks at Lu Jing slightly, wondering why Lu Jing wants to The next moment, Yue Chong's eyes were straight. Jia Xu was shocked by the speech and asked with a smile, "does the Lord mean that the emperor can&#3 But once the three have united the forces behind them. Yu lifeI firmly said that if he was in the provincial government, he would really be muddling along. His heart was heavy, and he had already guessed that this might be his last battle. "At this moment, pingzujing's heart is very complicated. She has a sentence about MMP, I don&#39 Three villains give the names of the masks. Eve is a little puzzled and blinks. Tang Yu's body trembled. It is conceivable that the flame has brought him pressure. You should k After that, lie whispered, "Han, they have too many people. We can't always be beaten like this. He was unknown, and the other five colleges didn't list him as a seeded player at all. Lin Dong said with a smile that the next moment his body burst out with a terrible sense of war! I haven't paid attention to him for two days. " Jiang Han's eyes twinkled and did not say a word. You know, this kind of affiliated regiment is a steady profit and no loss business for Shi Bing. Obviously just now, it has been completely refined by Ding Hao!

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