Qi Mu Shuo Mao nodded to his son's master. It was a greeting. After all, it is not an occasion f The voice outside the door said, "I have been ordered by the commander to seek the general of Chu We "It's interesting, but with an ordinary horse, you can't escape from the palm of your hand!" The platform lights up, and at the same time, Zhang Ye also quickly opens the halo of luck (the ulti The golden spear in his hand came out quickly, like a black dragon coming out of the cave. Then two Xu also helplessly spread out his hands: "I and Janice should do, but there is no reaction, I can&#3 When ye Chen comes, Qin Lanjiao looks at Ye Chen with astonishment. Small ball a strong nod, and then wag his tail to signal Jiangshan to go with him. "Don't worry, Maureen. It's all on me." Lin Daxin said in a deep voice, "I'll be right there." "All right, let's not talk about it. Let's drink!" If I say ye really wins, I'll bet! " Within the crowd gathered, a white jade tablet with a height of tens of meters was erected. However, it was the elder who opened his mouth, and the rest of the super genius of the Huangfu clan Li Zhiyuan has just picked up his tea cup and sipped his tea. When he heard his secretary greeting J The eunuch Qin Chang, who represented the emperor to ask questions, stood on the platform and watche Master Santo's voice was full of firmness, and he was clearly determined. Ye Mingjing is still "connected" with him. He reaches out and hugs his back, sticks his hot body to

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