As we all know, the one eyed sand bandit is the No.1 general under Heifeng and the second figure of Bage, if you don't go there, we only have a dozen of them. We can't beat those people. If you don't like it, if you ask him to bring him a quasi supreme weapon, I don't think he w Although he is still a field, but only on the rules and the number of source energy, no one can matc I really think of myself as a sheep and I as a big wolf with saliva! The God needle that didn't hit the target before is now attacking again and hitting the opponent Xuan Yunxing's eyes turned and blurted out for a while: "Lord, you are also the cultivator of th On the edge of the jade platform painted with magic array, there are all kinds of flowers and plants However, Lao Nai was not open-minded. No one thought that in this collapse accident, he was directly At this time, he was devoting himself to the cultivation of yuxu mental method, and was assisted by They are all hidden rules on the road. Each side has three boxers to compete. If he loses, the ring The grimace on the face of the remaining one demon king solidified instantly. But just for a moment, the expression on people's faces changed again. Even Qi Jian and other po I heard that my father didn't live with me recently. Aunt Ren got angry for no reason. In this era of power based discourse power, Lu Ming never comments on whose character he is and how Mu Hanyu and Tian Yue also followed closely. "It seems that you have done some homework." No matter how strong the soul is, it will not be weakened and dissipated.

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