The right hand touches the barrier of the rune array, and then slowly closes his eyes to perceive wi "Do you need to dig out those things first?" After entering the hall, Chu Huan closed the door behind his back hand, but the door was not bolted. It's about giving for the sake of giving. "There are many dangers in the earth's core of that state. Brother Tang Yu, I still hope that yo And in the cross camp, because of Liu Feng, ye Wen's hatred of the six character camp. It is estimated that a piece of garbage is thrown out by the business group and auctioned as a gimmi Then a big hand suddenly came out of the ruins and pressed down on the ground. The muscles of the kn Once there was a lot of waste, but now, it is enough to fight the enemy with one hand, which is enou Xiang Yinning couldn't control her worries and doubts and asked aloud. "I am the conquering king Iskandar, both sides, before the throne, gather your weapons!" It is such a fierce gunfire that covers the soul stirring wealth and dirty secrets in this corner. For those street performances, Tang Yu has always had no good impression. God's blood flowed across the sky, and instantly dyed the Tianhe river red, which made the Tianh But he knew that it was not so easy to go to that continent, because there were too many troubles. Perhaps this dormitory is of different significance to long Dazhuang. With such a high price of rice, a few members of their family could only die of starvation. Luo Chuan looked at the Emperor Yao Yu with a calm look.

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