This mutant human is a space system power! Even if the magnificent building could not be completed in such a short period of time, he would kno And if one of them is his former younger brother and younger sister, it is even more to make ye gnas Bartz wanted to chase after them, and found that the territory they had entered belonged to the soul It seems that because the collapse has just ended, there may be instability everywhere. For example, Yu Zhiyuan didn't think Zhao Jin was rude. Instead, he stood up with a smile on his face. When h When Mu Feng sits down and has a rest, Qingyu slowly emerges and admires her. The situation of Xuezu at this time was not much better than that of Jiangnan when he crossed the ri Because, today must drive Chu from the throne month by month!     ************************************************************************************************ After stopping yuan fatty's words, long Aotian is also slightly stunned, and then opens his mout "I let the night dragon come back, and I won't worry about the strength." Immediately, Lu Xuan entered the Qingyi building, and soon, with a broken eye, Lu Xuan found the tre But he set an alarm clock at six in the morning to get up. Even the galaxy award of China also revealed that the best short story and the best long story this Fierce fire, all things burning the sky, fire essence shining, all living beings fly ash, this is th They regard themselves as high and disdain to use the same language as ordinary Wansheng sea creatur After Haiya left the Xue family, she thought for a moment, and did not go directly to the manor wher

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