It's impossible for such an important thing to have such a poor defense! Du Shiyi had not held out much hope, but azler's answer aroused his interest: "Oh? You say so." "Ah, how can we control such magic soldiers?" Ouyang Xiang looked at Shi Lei pitifully, "but Shi Lei, I'm hungry!" I don't know what reaction the four black mansions will have. Not only that, they themselves are also suffering from the pain of soul eating bodies, and the light Seeing the flying towards the sky standing on a bush, the smile of the eastern Xiuzhe's mouth be The whole hall was quiet for a moment, and the sound of fists and legs stopped. Zhangba snake spear and Jiuhuan sword meet in the air, just like a mad man resenting a woman. In a m "Don't make any noise. Don't disgrace me in front of my brother..." Javert was almost deaf w In this way, the size of this force is very large. The sky clouds began to roll, layer by layer broke open, a huge earthquake, endless immortal gas, su Yang Kai glanced at Li Rong and lost his smile. Zhao Nan spread out his hands and said, "there are some things in Dongyuan city. Let the task be del Mo Zhitao said: "I've finished my work. Let's go. Where can I eat?" Paris said with a smile. Li Han was puzzled. Was agnia French? "Hey, I'll close the door first...!" "In addition, we should have a decisive battle with Wang Shichong first, and we don't have to wo

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